What’s Your Organizational Purpose?

Most nonprofit organizations have a mission or purpose statement. It’s what keeps everyone on track and not off pursuing areas that aren’t a part of an organization’s purpose for existing. It aligns everyone …and drives everyone crazy when it’s time to update and each word is agonized over to ensure perfection. Within all of this effort, what may be lacking in the mission is the impact the organization plays in meeting the need.

For instance a nonprofit might state that their mission is to provide food for the hungry. The statement includes the need and the activity. It may go deeper and provide the methodology. Our mission is to provide nutritious locally sourced food for the hungry through ready to eat meals.

A good mission or purpose statement will often encompass the following “We do THIS so that THIS happens.”But just as nonprofits evolve so does the need to address vision, mission and purpose with a new outlook. Is the mission only one statement or does it encompass more than one area?

  • Does your mission or purpose statement need review?
  • How about making your mission or purpose an infographic?
  • Does it adequately confirm the cause being addressed and the need met?

Check out Ben and Jerry’s mission statement infographic on Lauren Modeen’s blog: http://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-write-an-effective

Until next time, keep taking your vision to the next level.

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