Multi-year Grants

According to an article by The Nonprofit Times, since 2004, only one-tenth of sampled funders reported multi-year grantmaking. The same is true of 2011: Fully 89 percent of sampled funders reported no multi-year grants.

So how do you  get a grant that spans numerous years?

  • Focus on the phases. If your program has three major phases it is simple to work that into a three year budget.
  • Provide the long term yearly goal and objectives to the funders. “This year we expect to accomplish A of C with a grant award provided by funder.
  • Deliver on the promises. Once awarded, be ready to show that A was successfully accomplished and you are already to move forward into B and C phase.

As with any funder, building the relationship, showing measurable outcomes, reporting on-time and being effective in your mission keeps the door open for further requests.

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